Regular Activity

1) "Sudhridh Balak Pratiyogita"

The College organizes “Sudhridh Balak Pratiyogita” as a part of Punyasmaran of sanstha Sansthapak Parampujya “Babuji” Late Shri Narsing K. Dubeji on 28th Jan every Year.
The aim of the competition is to generate awareness about Physical, Mental & Intellectual growth of child and give social environment to improve communication skills.

2) "Suvarna Prashan Sanskara"

College has organized Suvarna Prashan Sanskara Mahashibir On every month of Pushya Nakshatra.The Suvarna Prashana drops will be given orally to the children of age group 0-6 years.
The aim of this mega project is to boost the immunity and intellect of the children for better developmental mile stone and overall health of child’s future.
Ayurveda, Indian system of medicine is one among them that always emphasizes on promotion of health and disease prevention. Various healthcares Regimen are practiced in India to obtain healthy offspring and Ayurveda is the treasure for it. Lehana or Prashana(licking medicated mixture of ghee and honey)is one such noble method specially mentioned for children.With the aim to boost their immunity and overall health including higher mental health. Classical references are available on this in Ayurvedic treatises like Kashyapa Samhita Sutra Sthana 18th Chapter, Ashtang Hridaya Uttara Sthana and Sushrutha Samhita Sharira Sthana.
Benefits of Suvarna Prashan:
  • Increases immune system towards diseases (Rog pratikarak shakti)
  • Physical strength becomes powerful
  • Grasping power, sharpness, analysis power, recall memory becomes very strong.
  • Improves digestive power
  • Tones up skin Colour (Fair Skin)
  • Growth of Mental & Physical Health becomes faster than usual
  • Anti toxic power increases, hence fighting against poison in any form becomes strong in the child (eg. Pesticides in Fruits, vegetables etc)
  • This gives strong protection from infection
  • It helps to preventing diseases that come during teeth growing phase
  • It saves from diseases that occur due to seasonal change
  • It also prevents from different kinds of Allergies
Suvarna Prashan Mahashibir Schedule 2020: