About Us

About Us

Since 1988 Shri Narsingh K. Dube Charitable Trust is working hard for promotion, upliftment & development of Indian system of Medicine like Ayurved. In 1989 the trust started an Ayurvedic Hospital with OPD, IPD and Panchakarma Facility. In the year 1992 the trust started an Ayurvedic College namely Nallasopara Ayurved Medical College. The approach, intention & object of the institution can be better explained in the following words “ One should adopt the policy to spread the Ayurvedic ancient Indian Medical Sciences which is known as “Pancham Veda” amongst the students of one’s institution who are meritorious, intellectual & intuitious for the further betterment of Ayurvedic sciences & for preserving, Marvelous Medical heritage alive & propagate the same throughout the world.” The renowned prominent Dr. Clerk from Philadelphiya also states that “If the Physicians of the present days drop the chemical reagents & modern pharmocopia & treat their patients according to charak & Sushrut there will be less work to undertake & less chronic invaders in the world”.
The mission started since 1988 is led meticulously and incessantly by our institution. We are confident that complimented by your best wishes we will be able to perpetuate our mission to newer and wider horizons.

Dr.Omprakash Dube
Nallasopara Ayurved Medical College and Hospital

To introduce our Founder President and founder Principal Hon’ble Vaidya Shri Moreshwar Dattatray Vaidya is synonymous with introduction to our institution’s rich heritage bestowed upon us by the almighty. Our Founder President & Founder Principal has been a building block and a great inspiration in shaping this institution to its present stature. Till date he is motivational and reforming an account of his perfect acumen. We pray to God that he remains to guide us to glory and upliftment for long years to come. Here comes a short insight through his achievements and contributions to the society as well as Ayurved.
Vaidya Shri M.D. Vaidya was born on August 23,1937 in Chiplun (Maharashtra) and lives in Mumbai with his wife Dr. Varsha and two daughters.Educated at Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.
Former Honarary Director/Principal & Head of Research, Ex. Professor & Head Sanskrit Department Professor Charak Samhita, Padarth Vidnyan & Sharir Kriya at Nallasopara Ayurved Medical College (Late Shri Suresh Narsingh Dube Ayurved Mahavidyalaya) Nallasopara Hospital & Diagnostic Centre (Late Ku. Vaibhav Moreshwar Vaidya Ayurved Rugnalaya & Nidan Kendra, Nallasopara)
Ex-Dean, Sion Ayurved Mahavidyalaya , Sion, Mumbai Ex-Head, Sanskrit Department Sion Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (Mumbai) & Ex- Chairman of Faculty , (First Board) Mumbai University Ex- Director for Bachelor in Physiotherapy, at Colleges of Para Medical Sciences(under Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth ,Pune) Ex- Director Charitable Dispensary & Medical Consultancy Centre, Vasai. Hon Director Govinda Foundation, Mumbai President, Vasai Medical Relief Charitable Trust Ex- President, Shri N.K. Dubey Charitable Trust, Nallasopara.

Translator, Granthas from Sanskrit into Hindi for Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha Govt. of India (New Delhi) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

1) Dravyaguna Shastra - Shudha Ayurved Pathyakram Samiti (1960) Translated in 2006
2) Dosha Dhatu Mala Vidnyan - Maharashtra Board of Research (1962) Translated in 2006

Awards Conferred upon Best Citizen of India Award 2002.

The Various Publications of Vaidya M.D. Vaidya published through Vaibhav Publication owned by the founder President and Founder Principal

1) ‘Ayurved Siddhant Parichay [Approved as reference book by (Mumbai University & Pune University).
2) ‘Geet Ayurved’ Compilation of Poems comprising 1200 poet Books (in Marathi)
3) ‘Bhagwad Geeta 18 words in each line, of 700 shlokas, 18 chapters.
4) ‘Ayurved Vaibhav’ Deepawali yearly magazine for past 15 years having excellent response through out the Maharashtra state, India
5) ‘Deergha Nirogi’ Jeevanasathi Yoga and Yogasana’ (In Marathi), book published having excellent response from readers in Maharashtra.
6) ‘Charak Samhita Sutrasthana(Sanskrit) Chakrapanidatta Tikanuvad in Marathi translation received Vaidya Yadavji Trikamji Acharya Garnth Puraskar by Mahrshi Annasaheb Patvardhan Vaidyakiya Puraskar Samiti (2005).
7) ‘Sharir Kriya Vidnyan’ book is approved as reference book in the syllabus of First year BAMS by Central Council of Indian Medicine.
8) ‘Ashtanga Hridaya’ (Suthrasthana) (Arundatta and Hemadri Sanskrit Commentary) Hindi translation of 500 pages book alongwith 250 Ayurvedic Herbal drugs detailed medicinal information with pictures & Modern aspects .
9) ‘Padarth Vidnyan’ was awarded as first prize best book award by Ayurveda Vidnyan Mandal Mumbai (50 years old body)
10) ‘Aaple Man, Aaple aarogya’ book will be published in near future.

Late Vaidya Shri Moreshwar Dattatray Vaidya
Founder President and founder Principal
Nallasopara Ayurved Medical College and Hospital